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Feedback on Edwards Productions…

Paul says, “This is a great place to “READ UP” on the Boys . They were often shown as bearded “Old Timers” However when “Duty” Called and made and labeled them as Outlaws most of them were their teens . Most were Like Jessie about 16 . BTW They were brave solders. Just happened to be on diff side.”

Jason says in regards to our music, “Wow I love the music and storytelling combined! Y’all are Awesome!”

Bryce says, “Fascinating information!!”

Betty says, “The film”Under the Black Flag” was filmed on my G-Grandfathers, John Randolph Hughes land in Platte County. My Dad met Jesse James, Jr during that. Said he was really a nice guy. John Randolph’s daughter married Otho Offutt that rode with Quantrill and Jesse James.”

Robert says, “Quantrill/Anderson/Price and Jesse James were all true Confederate patriots among many others!! We must honor them all with our undying respect and reverence!!”

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