Kansas City John Brown Statue Vandalized

John Brown, John Brown monument, Tragic Prelude, Bleeding KansasA John Brown statue located near the Quindaro Townsite ruins of Kansas City, Kansas was recently discovered to be vandalized with various markings, including a swastika and a reference to “satan”. See: Vandal Defaces John Brown Statue

A controversial, but influential abolitionist leader involved in Bleeding Kansas, John Brown is perhaps best known for his involvement in the Pottawatomie massacre (where a group of settlers in Franklin County, Kansas were hacked to death), and his attempt to incite a violent insurrection at Harper’s Ferry in West Virginia. Later captured and hung, Brown continues to draw interest today through a famous painting of him located at the Kansas State capitol (Tragic Prelude), as well as his controversial role before the Civil War.

Readers may recall that the Ward Parkway Kansas City monument dedicated to women who served during the war in the Kansas City area was also vandalized in August of 2017, and subsequently removed. The recent removal of various monuments honoring our American veterans throughout Missouri and the rest of the nation has since launched a debate about art censorship and the proper understanding of the complexities of this period of our history. (Note: It’s also interesting to compare the differing tone of the two articles, both from the Kansas City Star. See: Vandal Defaces John Brown Statue and  Kansas City Confederate Memorial Hit With Graffiti.)

If you’d like to learn more about Bleeding Kansas and the Border War in Kansas and Missouri, Jayhawking, Atchison’s Buccaneers and the Attack on the James / Anderson Families are great songs with awesome music videos that help tell the story of of Missouri and Kansas history through compelling lyrics and great tunes. Check them out right here!

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