Merry Christmas from Edwards Productions!

William Quantrill, Border War, Merry Christmas, Bloody Bill, George Todd, George Maddox, Jesse James

Merry Christmas from all your friends at Edwards Productions, LLC! We hope you have a great 2019. Note: in the graphic above, we’ve featured Jesse James, George Maddox, William Quantrill, George Todd and Bloody Bill Anderson – as well as one of Quantrill’s battle flags.

Missouri, guerrilla, Bushwhacker, border war, kansas, history, civil war, Quantrill, Quantrill's RevengeLearn More About the Story of Missouri During the War!
In regards to Quantrill’s Revenge: A Comprehensive Tour Guide to William C. Quantrill’s Raid of Lawrence, Kansas, Vincent writes, “I received my copy of this book yesterday in the mail. I have not been able to set the book down. <grinning> This is an excellent read. Objective and non-biased, this book describes the timeline and events of Missouri’s payback raid on Lawrence, KS. The book is filled with photographs of the locations & peoples along the route…’Quantrill’s Revenge’, by James Christopher Edwards and Dick Titterington is an excellent read and a welcome addition to my Border library.”
 If you or someone you know loves history, going on day trips, or learning about interesting people and places – then this book is the perfect gift for a birthday or the holidays! Discover more right HERE.

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