Wreaths Across America at Higginsville Confederate Cemetery

Wreaths Across America, Veterans, Higginsville, Missouri, QuantrillIn December of 2018, we attended a powerful and moving remembrance event at the Higginsville, Missouri Confederate Cemetery. What an amazing tribute to our veterans who served and sacrificed so much by protecting their families and homes right here in Missouri! Numerous wreaths from Wreaths Across America decorated many of our ancestors resting places. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Also, the Missouri United Daughters of the Confederacy hosted a memorial service in the chapel with cider, cookies, musical tributes, a color guard (from the Sons of Confederate Veterans) and more. With the Christmas tree off to one side, it was truly a special Christmas activity that I think our veterans would have enjoyed seeing if they could have been there. If you weren’t able to make it, or didn’t know about the event – be sure to put it on your calendar for 2019! Find out detail here at the Wreaths Across America website, as well as how you can purchase a wreath in support of your ancestor who served.

In the picture above, you can see our Wreaths Across America tag being held in front of the grave site of Captain William Quantrill. The tag very fittingly reads, “Today, I placed a Wreath on the Grave of an American Hero.”

Also, please don’t forget to thank the caretakers and supervisors of the Higginsville Confederate Cemetery, and let them know how much this special place means to you. You may also wish to write your Missouri representative or local city council member and let them know how much it means to be able to honor our American Veterans who served in Confederate Armies. It’s important for us to stand up and speak out for the people who gave their lives in defense of their homes and families, and to not let them be forgotten or dishonored!

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